Who is Kyle?

My name is Kyle Wilkinson, and I’ve grown up in what some may call an outdoorsman’s paradise. Within steps of my front door, I could be standing ankle-deep in my local creek, catching native trout on a fly rod or watching beavers and otters swim about. I can be archery hunting elk within ten minutes of my house, and I could be hiking some of the most popular trails in Eastern Washington within five minutes. I believe my love for the outdoors can be traced back to short jaunts to the deer woods with my father as a child, and road trips to far and away places. My mother was never involved very much in the outdoors, but she still supports my lifestyle wholeheartedly. I deeply appreciate it.

An interest in fly fishing and archery hunting consume most of my spare time, as well as backpacking, fly tying, writing, and most recently, self-filming and editing outdoor videos. I frequently venture out with my fiancé, Emily Lewis, to practice our photography skills (and our patience). A passion for fly fishing has led me down the path to becoming a fly fishing guide on my local waters. I look forward to the opportunity to introduce others to the sport and spend more time on the water.

I currently reside in Ellensburg, Washington, where I attend Central Washington University. I’m majoring in Digital Journalism and hope to graduate in the spring of 2020.

What will Kyle in the Outside provide me, the reader?

My goal is to provide a deeper insight into outdoor activities. Expect posts about my unique perspective on various outdoor activities, lists of favorite/necessary equipment or gear, and useful tips and techniques I’ve picked up from my experiences. I hope that after reading through my blog, readers may view the outdoors through a different perspective, appreciate the environment they recreate on, and utilize the information I provide for their own adventures outside.

Frequent Contributors

Erikk Machowek


“My name is Erikk Machowek, and I am truly honored to live the life I have. I am blessed with many things in life from a loving girlfriend of five years to my family that has supported my dreams since day one and everything in between. I grew up in the outdoors, wondering the woods in my back yard on the west side of Washington State. I have a plethora of memories as my younger self wondering the creek in my backyard catching crawdads and building forts with my friends. Staple hobbies I held growing up were salmon or steelhead fishing the local waters, and going after big and small game in the local region. Many of these actives I was alongside my mentor and father. I can attribute a lot of my interest coming from dad passing them along to myself.”

“I currently attend Central Washington University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Energy Management. Here in Ellensburg I take full advantage of the area’s outdoor fly-fishing opportunities. Most often you can find me exploring the Yakima River. However, I do pursue other areas such as local ponds for bass or big rainbow trout. Along with being an avid fly fishermen, I almost exclusively use my own flies. Tying has quickly become one of my favorite pastimes. I also enjoy traditional archery hunting and shooting as well as hiking. The outdoors are really my happy place.”

Jesse Mena