How Social Media Management Tools Have Saved My Butt

The wind bites at my face as I maneuver the drift boat around and keep it from hitting the bank. I push the oars forward to keep us moving downstream, against the breeze. I look back to watch my client’s strike indicator  bounce below the surface. He sets the hook and the fish fights hard for several minutes before coming to the net. It’s a strong and iridescent whitefish. I release it back into the current and watch as he sinks to the bottom. A high five and we’re floating back down the river.

You know what I’m not thinking about?

Posting something on social media.

Thanks to social media schedulers like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, and platforms with built in schedulers like Facebook, I can schedule my posts ahead of time to publish when I’m not at my computer. This saves me time and keeps me from getting distracted multiple times throughout the day. Whether I’m guiding, working, going to school or spending time with my fiancé, I need to be able to put the phone down and rely on these tools to keep my content updated regularly.

I wold much rather spend my day catching up with good friends on the river than sitting on my phone the whole time

What is a management tool?

Social media management tools allow users to have access to all of their social media platforms at once. On my personal Hootsuite, I have access to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. I can see all of my posts in one place.

Besides being able to see all of the content I have created, I can schedule this content to post whenever I want it to. This is the most important aspect of these tools.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 3.24.41 PM
Scheduling Tweets on Tweetdeck cuts down on the amount of times I have to create posts throughout the day

How do I use one?

By conducting research online, I can determine when the best times are to post.  I can use this information to schedule my posts at these times to maximize my reach and connect with readers.

These tools help me to see when I’m posting so I’m not over-saturating my audience. I can post strategically and see how my account uploads coincide with each other.

Scheduling posts is easy. Each platform (that I’m familiar with anyway, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite) have easy-to-understand post composition and scheduling features. Just spending a few minutes perusing the site will give you a fairly decent understanding of how it works. The tutorials the sites provide are also good for new users.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 3.38.30 PM
Hootsuite shows me what posts I have scheduled over my platforms all in one spot

So why should I schedule my posts?

Let’s be honest. Would you rather be on your phone all day creating posts, or would you rather generate those posts all at once and have them publish for you at their set times?

I know that I don’t aways have the time to generate a thoughtful and informative post during the day. I cook pizza on campus a few days a week. I’m a full-time college student. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding for this summer. I guide clients on the river. I can’t set aside the half hour or more every time I need to edit a picture and post it with a good caption and some relevant hashtags.

But what I can do is use one of these platforms to do this all at once on one tool.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 3.58.23 PM.png
Facebook has a built-in scheduling tool that is very easy to use

Something extra about Tweetdeck…

When I’m using Twitter and managing content for Ellensburg Angler, I have access to the account even though I do not have login credentials for the page. Tweetdeck’s software allows me to manage the feed as an Administrator without actually being an Owner. This makes it easy for me to tweet, retweet and follow people with free rein.

Rowing down the river

Since I wasn’t worried about posting on social media, I was able to focus on the fishing and the river the rest of the day. We floated past a flock of turkeys, several groups of deer and under the watchful eye of bald eagles. I was able to put all of my effort into the task at hand and worry about my clients, not about when I should be posting my next picture on Facebook.

One thought on “How Social Media Management Tools Have Saved My Butt”

  1. Hootsuite is very useful in scheduling posts. There is free Hootsuite and the paid one. It really helps when you have a number of social media accounts.


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