What is Kyle in the Outside?

My name is Kyle Wilkinson. I am an avid fisherman, fly fishing guide, archery hunter, backpacker, and photographer. When I’m not in class, I’m on the river or on the mountain in pursuit of my passion. My goal on every trip is to bring back a piece of the adventure to share with you, the reader. Through writing, photographs, and short videos, I hope to generate the same feelings within you that well within me every time I experience something new or exciting. I enjoy spending time with close friends and family, so expect to see them in my photos and hear about them in my writing.


A Rocky Ford Creek giant!


First and foremost is fly fishing. So much of my time and energy goes towards preparation and study to make myself a better angler. Every time I step foot in the water, I’m a little better than last time. Every trip I learn something new and exciting, and appreciate how my perspective on the sport evolves over time. I hope that by sharing some of my experiences I can inform others about how truly great the sport of fly fishing is.

I believe that a simple narrative of events is cliche and boring. To change it up, I want to provide a more in depth and engaging connection with what I truly love most. I also hope to interview others in the sport to showcase their own unique perspective on angling. I also want to provide tips, tricks, and techniques to help other anglers figure out problems that I’ve encountered. Fly fishing isn’t just about catching a fish; it’s about meeting others in the community, learning how to become a better angler, and how to conserve our quarry for future generations.

As I’m starting my first year as a fly fishing guide here in Washington State with Ellensburg Angler, I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts on fly fishing as my perspective evolves from being the angler, to guiding and teaching the angler.


Cooper Calahan is all smiles after harvesting this unique mule deer on Washington’s opening day of the 2017 rifle season

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hunting. Whether I was the one who had an opportunity to harvest an animal, or simply accompanying my father on a stroll through the grouse woods, hunting has just always been a part of my life. The passion I have for it began as a child toting a pellet rifle around my family’s property. Starlings, marmots, and other invasive pests all feared the crack of my .177 caliber Pumpmaster.

As I progressed and graduated Hunter Education, I found myself wanting to challenge myself more and more. What started out as rifle hunting within an easy stroll of the vehicle has turned into a ten mile backpack trip to archery hunt elk at timberline. In an attempt to make it even more difficult, I have now begun to record my hunts on film. I have found it quite pleasing to go through so much effort to really capture the moment and have the ability to reflect on the event as I edit and then relive it as a finished product.

What I bring to the table is a true, no fluff, and respectable outlook on our sport. In so many cases now, hunting is looked down upon and met with scrutiny. As much as I feel that conservation in land and animal species is important, I believe that conservation of the sport itself is just as critical. We need to inform others of the importance of hunting to both the economy and the environment and promote responsible stewardship for the future.

Oh, I also have the uncanny ability to attract bears. So expect to hear about that in future content. Not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but in the case of the bear I shot last year, probably a curse. Check out the video of that hunt here.


Overlooking Big Twin Sister Lake before setting up camp

If I had to choose between sleeping in a luxury hotel or sleeping in a tent on the ground, I’d no doubt choose a tent. Backpacking and spending prolonged periods of time outside allows me to connect with nature in no other way. Some of my greatest experiences occurred on backpacking or hiking trips, and some of those weren’t too far from home. Even in the most metropolitan landscapes, some sort of hiking trail may be reached within a day’s drive.

Lugging around heavy packs on dusty trails provides me with the time needed to reflect on my experiences. I hope to share some techniques that I’ve learned to make your next trip outside more enjoyable. I also want to show you some of the beautiful places I’ve travelled to, and perhaps inspire you to visit them yourself.

This blog is all about sharing my experiences as seen through my own eyes. I’ve discovered things about myself I would have otherwise never known about had I not gone backpacking. Sometimes your best, and your worst, is exposed on a week-long trip. I hope to describe to you what I’ve discovered.

Guest posts

Erikk Machowek hooked up on a Rocky Ford Creek streamereater

The more I write, the more I realize I like to read other people’s writing. From time to time I will ask people to write about their experiences in the outdoors and include them on my page. Some of their writing provides a whole new perspective on time spent outside, and I hope you enjoy their articles as much as I do.


If you are liking this blog, or wish to see more on certain topics, contact me through my Contact Page. If you enjoy an article, please feel free to let me know and share it with your friends and family. Never hesitate to ask questions! If you have an article or story you wish to share, let me know and I will be sure to read it. Enjoy!

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